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BLISS | Beat Burnout + Embrace Vitality

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  • Ingredients
  • Benefits
  • How To Use
  • Ingredients
    • 10mL Roller Bottle
    • Tulsi, Magnolia, Copaiba, Madagascar Vanilla, Wild Orange
    • Base of Fractionated Coconut Oil

      Adrenal Support Blend is made with only the highest quality, certified pure test grade essential oils. There are absolutely no fillers, no chemicals, no perfumes, no fragrances. We hope you fall in love with it as much as we have!

      • Benefits
      • A balancing blend of adaptogenic, pure essential oils designed to strengthen and harmonize the energy producing hormone pathways. Use for increased energy and vitality.

      • How To Use
      • Roll Bliss onto your adrenal glands (they sit on top of your kidneys) and inside of wrists with a healing intention.  You can do an extra swipe on your collarbones and over your heart chakra for extra benefit. Be sure to inhale scent deeply through your nose for added emotional support. 

        Apply at least 2x/day. Apply more consistently throughout the day when feeling extra stressed or like you need a boost of energy.