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Metabolism, blood sugar and heart health are all intricately connected. Establishing a personalized plan to restore metabolic health, balance blood sugar and support a healthy heart is critical to a life of wellness and longevity. 

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Metabolic conditions The Wellness Abode helps.

Insulin resistance
High blood pressure
Low blood pressure
Heart palpitations

How we help metabolic conditions

Health History Analysis

Dr. Melissa‚Äôs approach to autoimmune cases begins with a thorough health history analysis where she considers past and present toxin exposures, genetic pre-dispositions and careful metabolic patters that may be contributing to your symptoms and the development of blood sugar issues or cardiovascular disease. 

Lab tests

Next, she will recommend diagnostic tests to determine your overall metabolic health, including fasting blood sugar, insulin, inflammatory markers , lipids and history of blood pressure to get a full picture of your current health state. 

Personalized Plan

From there, Dr. Melissa will curate a highly personalized therapeutic plan that includes healing foods, lifestyle habits and supplements to help optimize your metabolic, blood sugar and cardiovascular health, naturally.