Autoimmune diseases can be complicated

The conventional approach to autoimmunity is focused on suppressing inflammation and the immune system. Our approach begins with identifying the root cause factors that are active in YOUR unique case. 

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Autoimmune conditions The Wellness Abode works with.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Graves’ disease
Rheumatoid arthritis
Multiple Sclerosis

How we help autoimmune conditions

Health History Analysis

Dr. Melissa’s approach to autoimmune cases begins with a thorough health history analysis where she considers past and present toxin exposures, genetic pre-dispositions and careful metabolic patters that may be contributing to your symptoms and autoimmune development.

Lab tests

Next, she will recommend and order appropriate lab tests to identify root cause factors and get a closer look into your own unique physiology and current state of immune function. 

Personalized Plan

From there, Dr. Melissa will curate a highly personalized therapeutic plan that includes healing foods, lifestyle habits and supplements to help you heal, naturally.