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The Wellness Abode Clinic

A fresh, effective and streamlined approach to personalized health care, from the comfort of your home.

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Time For A Health Care Upgrade

No more late night Google or Instagram symptom searches. You’ve been there, done that. The Wellness Abode functional medicine clinic goes beyond the symptoms to identify and treat the root cause of your health challenges to deliver true and lasting, whole body healing. 

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A root cause, clinically proven approach

The Wellness Abode Clinic uses a functional medicine, root cause approach to curate a personalized plan for long-term healing. 

You're in Good Hands


Dr. Melissa Esguerra takes the time understand your unique case and set of symptoms - to help you address the true underlying causes of your health concerns.

Patient Coordinators

Our office staff makes sure things run smoothly for you with our scheduling, coordinating labs and FSA/HSA questions.


We have a patient hub available on Apple + Google App Stores, making access and communication seamless and simple.

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12 years in practice, Dr. Melissa has helped hundreds of patients find life changing, truly lasting relief.