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Meet Dr. Melissa.

Dr. Melissa Esguerra is a doctor of chiropractic and a functional medicine practitioner. She graduated from UCLA and attained her doctorate at Palmer Chiropractic College. She's been in practice since 2010, working with hundreds of patients on hormones, blood sugar, autoimmune issues and optimizing cellular function.

Melissa has a deep passion for addressing the root cause of every disease and working to reestablish healthy metabolic function. She and Evan truly believe everyone can learn and apply a functional medicine approach for whole body healing.

Dr. Melissa and Evan built The Wellness Abode in an effort to share all their best tips and wellness recipes with others. They hope to empower a new generation of wellness providers, all able to help their families heal at home! 

Meet Evan.

Evan is a former Marine, retired Pro MMA fighter, and former essential oil and natural medicine skeptic.

He became a convert once Melissa started to help him recover from training sessions at mock speed. Her chiropractic adjustments in combination with natural medicine had him performing at top level. 

In 2021 Evan established The Wellness Abode brand with Melissa. He brought in their signature roller bottle line, created the DIY Detox Kits and also established their metabolic reset offerings.

Evan is currently working to finish his pre-requisites for Naturopathic School and hopes to be accepted into the Fall 2023 freshman class. 

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